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Den röda handsken (Curse Workers #2)
Holly Black
Stray Bullets, Vol. 1 - David Lapham

Wow, breathtaking. This was so different from any other comic I've ever read. I'm stunned.

Les quatre fleuves (Chemins nocturnes) (French Edition) - Fred Vargas

This story was not for me. I hade to force myself througt the first chapters and very nearly gave up before I even got into the story. It went better by the end but I felt pressured to read fast so I could put this book behind me. What I liked was the historical facts.


Oh, And I read the translation in swedish.



Mörk jord - Belinda Bauer, Ulla Danielsson

I must say I find most storys about serial killers fascinating, so I may not be totally trustworthy when I say this book is really good but I really liked it.

The story is about a kid living in a dysfunctional family. To try and save the family he tries to find the body of his mothers lost brother. The story jumps between the kid and his uncles convicted murderer and it's fascinating to follow both sides of the story at the same time.

The Twelve  - Justin Cronin

The story jumps around a lot and even thou I really like the main story arc all the sidestories made me lose interest. The first book was way better than this one. 

The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor - Robert Kirkman, Jay Bonansinga

I was stunned by this book. I simply love the walking dead. Both the series and the comics but this was the first time I got hold of a book describing it more closely. This story got hold of me from start to finnish. And what an end! 


I can really recommend Rise of the Governor to all fans of The Walking Dead,